Dignity Boxes working

together for a kinder world.

Donate financial gifts

As we are an ambitious and rapidly expanding charity, our operational costs are increasing all the time. All financial donations will go towards toiletries and our operating costs.

Individuals and companies can donate money via our Paypal link on our website. If you wish to give a monthly direct debit, please contact us for information on how to make this happen. £30 per month will pay for a Dignity Box to be filled with basic toiletries, however we have variable amounts donated by direct debit starting at £10 and one off individual donations of larger amounts.

Our clients are able to take without having to ask and this makes a huge impact on their personal, mental and financial wellbeing. - The Bridge Project

Donate via Amazon

If you would like to send donations directly to us, we have set up an Amazon wish list to help you choose items we are in need of the most. Kindly use the link attached and remember to edit the delivery address to send the donations the one below. Thank you for your kindness.

Dignity Boxes
3 Clement Rise,
West Lothian,
EH54 6JY
Scotland UK

Host a donation box

Dignity Boxes is keen to partner with organisations willing to host a donation box. Although Covid has reduced footfall in business and community buildings we would love to hear from you if you would like to be involved. Please contact us by FB or Email or Telephone. An appropriately sized box (depending on the size of the business) will be delivered to you with a poster and leaflets. A volunteer will then be allocated to collect donations from you once a month or as agreed.

Being able to pick up products in privacy has been really helpful, no judgement and I don’t feel embarrassed - Change Grow Live

Host a Dignity Box

If you would like to apply to host a Dignity Box, kindly fill in the form below and email it to: isabel@dignityboxes.co.uk.


Here at Dignity Boxes we are always looking for ways to raise funds and lately we have come across a new facility that won't cost you anything but will help the charity. It is similar to Amazon Smile (which no longer exists) in that we benefit from a small donation from the company you buy from when you shop using the Easyfundraising website or app.

Easyfundraising is just what it says. Here's how it works Google "Easyfundraising" and visit their site or download the app on your mobile. Next, type in the store where you are going to shop e.g. Marks and Spencer and tap on the shop now.